Event Handling

The API defines handler interfaces for various player events. With these handlers, different implementations can be provided to build a rich multimedia experience.

The following table describes the various handlers and supported player events

Handler Event types Description
PlayerStateHandler PlayerStateEvent.State.Ready player is initialized and ready for interaction
PlayerStateEvent.State.BufferingStarted player has started buffering
PlayerStateEvent.State.BufferingFinished player has stopped buffering
PlayerStateEvent.State.DimensionChangedOnVideo the dimension of the player has changed to match the size of the current media, especially video
PlayerStateEvent.State.FullScreenStarted the player has entered into fullscreen display mode
PlayerStateEvent.State.FullScreenFinished the player has entered normal display mode from fullscreen
PlayStateHandler PlayerState.State.Started playback has started
PlayerState.State.Finished playback has finished
PlayerState.State.Paused playback is currently paused
PlayerState.State.Stopped playback is currently stopped
LoadingProgressHandler LoadingProgressEvent fired when media download progress has changed
MediaInfoHandler MediaInfoEvent fired when media metadata is available
DebugHandler DebugEvent.MessageType.Info fired for typical INFO level messages
DebugEvent.MessageType.Error fired when severe error occurs


Here is an example:

SimplePanel panel = new SimplePanel();   // create panel to hold the player
try {
     // get any player that can playback media
     AbstractMediaPlayer player = PlayerUtil.getPlayer(Plugin.AUTO,
            "http://www.example.com/media.mp3", false, "50px", "100%");
     player.addDebugHandler(new DebugHandler() {

        public void onDebug(DebugEvent event) {
            switch(event.getMessageType()) {
                case Info:
                case Error:
     panel.setWidget(player); // add player to panel.
} catch(LoadException e) {
     // catch loading exception and alert user
     Window.alert("An error occured while loading");
} catch (PluginVersionException ex) {
     // catch PluginVersionException, thrown if required plugin version is not found
} catch(PluginNotFoundException e) {
     // catch PluginNotFoundException, thrown if no plugin is not found