The API makes Windows Media Player, QuickTime player, Adobe ® Flash® player, VLC Media Player, DivX® Web Player plugins, HTML 5 video elements and YouTube videos available in GWT applications like other GWT widgets.

The API feature sets of classes and interfaces that presents a consistent means of interacting with the supported player plugins. Knowing how to use one player widget means you are well at home with other player widgets.

Each player widget exposes methods to load media files, initiate playback, pause, stop, change playback position and volume. General media plugin events such as loading progress, playback started, playback finished, IO errors are also supported via event handlers

The API also feature plugin detection, which is central to the smooth operation of the library as well as classes to facilitate the development of custom HTML-based player controls (skins). The custom players can be used like a cross-browser media player in GWT applications. Exceptions are thrown in the absence of a required plugin, hence allowing you to display an alternative message (or widget).

Read the Getting Started guide for the general usage of the API.


The BST Player Showcase application showcase the various features of the API.


Post all questions on the bst-player group, hopefully someone will try to provide answers as best as possible.

Suggestions and Issues

Suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome as regards improving the project. You may post your suggestions and all issues on the Issues page.

Happy coding ...